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ATEAMS is a result of the merger of ATEAM (Alliance for Technology Education in Advanced Manufacturing) and SAMSEC (San Antonio Mathematics & Science Education Coalition).

ATEAM History

The genesis of ATEAM occurred after a 2007 workforce study revealed that San Antonio manufacturing had been “growing rapidly in spite of, not because of, the availability of skilled labor.”  The study highlighted that major challenges were on the horizon at both local and national levels due to the shortage of younger workers entering the highly skilled manufacturing trades.  In response, SAMA resolved to confront this workforce gap and form an independent 501(c) (3) that would be totally focused on this issue.  That organization was initially formed under the name SAMA Workforce Development Corporation but was later revised to ATEAM, Alliance for Technology Education in Advanced Manufacturing.

John Dewey, then Chairman of SAMA, and Bill Cox led the Association’s efforts to establish a new non-profit entity that would be able to attract tax deductible contributions with the 501(c) (3) status and to also connect with national initiatives that addressed the growing gap in our workforce.   At this time there was an emerging national effort led by the National Association of Manufacturers, NAM, and their sister  organization, the Manufacturing Institute. ATEAM joined this national movement and became a member of the “Dream It! Do It!” campaign, representing manufacturers in the San Antonio region.

Key regional allies establishing this initiative were local SAMA partners, Workforce Solutions Alamo, and Alamo 

Colleges. Their support and contributions were instrumental in forming this new entity and seeing it launched. 

SAMSEC History

In 2001 a group of individuals began meeting to promote the teaching of  high school mathematics and science in San Antonio schools.  Initial efforts included collaborating among institutions in recruiting students to seek teacher certification and promoting each institution's programs and tuition assistance for students.​


One of the first citywide initiatives started by SAMSEC was teacher recognition -- outstanding mathematics and science teachers were awarded checks for $1,000.  The program began recognizing a total of 6 teachers, and this grew to a total of 12 were awarded each year:

2 elementary math teachers,

2 elementary science teachers,

2 middle school math teachers,

2 middle school science teachers,

2 high school math teachers, and

2 high school science teachers.


In 2012 SAMSEC began sponsoring professional development events to help math and science teachers become more aware of the use of math and science concepts and principles in local business and industry settings. 


These summer professional development session activities have included: visits to local business and industry companies/organizations,  presentations by local industry representatives, and the development of math and science lessons integrating examples from area partners.

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